Dick Red Spirit 5 Piece Knife Set with Wallet

Product Description
£319.99 £349.99

This Red Spirit Set From Dick Is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

Uniting traditional Asian craftsmanship with high-tech German technology, the Red Spirit series from market leader Dick offers the finest in precision, quality and reliability.

The set includes an 8 ½" chef knife, an 8 ½" slicer, a 3 ½" paring knife and a 7" flexible fillet knife, as well as a 12" steel to care for your knives and keep them razor sharp.

These perfectly balanced and attractive knives are made from high-alloyed stainless steel, as well as being laser tested to ensure they provide the slickest cut possible. The set comes complete with a high quality textile roll bag allowing you to keep your knives safe and prolong their cutting edge.

Product features

  • Weight 1.83 kg
  • Thin tapered blades
  • Ergonomically-shaped round handles
  • Chefs Knife - 210mmm 8.5"
  • Slicer Knife - 210mmm 8.5"
  • Flexible Fillet Knife - 180mm 7"
  • Paring Knife - 90mm 3.5"
  • Sharpening Steel - 30cm 12"
  • Textile Roll Bag Black
  • Age Restricted Product 18 Years +