Global Knife Set - 7 Piece - with Case

Product Description
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Searching for a kitchen knife for every task? This 7 piece Global Knife Set offers Maximum Value. Look No Further!

Every blade is made from Molybdenum-vanadium 18 stainless steel, making them extremely durable with impressive edge retention. The blades are ground steeply to an acute angle to keep them sharper for longer.

The handles of each blade are hollow and weighted with sand to ensure perfect balance. This gives you unparalleled precision when chopping, cutting and slicing. They are also slip resistant to keep your hands safe when cutting oily or wet foods, such as fish and fruits.

This global knife set features an 8" chef's knife for all your general chopping, slicing and cutting tasks. An 8.5" carving knife with sharp teeth for effortlessly carving through joints of meat and a 6" boning knife that glides through meat to remove it from the bones. A 6" utility knife picks up where the chef's knife left off, helping you to make quick work of general tasks such as chopping and cutting and a 5.5" vegetable knife and 3" peeling knife make quick work of any vegetable or fruit. The set is completed with a 5" cooking knife.

Each knife has a smooth, seamless construction that ensures there are no dirt traps. This makes the knives extremely hygienic and easy to clean, perfect for commercial kitchens. The handles also have little dimples on them for enhanced grip. This gives you increased safety and control when preparing food. Rust, stain and corrosion resistant, the knives have impressive longevity; withstanding constant use without losing their quality.

High quality, precision, comfort and durability. This Global Knife Set is perfect for professional chefs, and the discerning Home Cook.

Product features

  • Material Molybdenum-vanadium 18 stainless steel
  • Rockwell hardness rating 56-58
  • Weight 1.54 kg
  • 8" cooks knife
  • 8.5" carving knife
  • 6" flexible boning knife
  • 6" utility knife
  • 5.5" hollow handled vegetable knife
  • 5" hollow handled cooking knife
  • 3" peeling knife
  • Razor sharp, ultra hard molybdenum-vanadium 18 stainless steel blades
  • Blades ground steeply to an acute angle, allowing them to stay sharper longer
  • Seamless construction for increased hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Resistant to rust, stains and corrosion
  • Featuring hollow, slip resistant handles weighted with sand, which maintain a perfect balance, regardless of the angle
  • Age Restricted product 18+