Mercer Asian Chef Knife Set - 2 piece

Product Description
£79.99 £109.99

Cut and Chop Oriental Style with this Exclusive Mercer 2 Piece Asian Chef Knife Set!

This premium quality Asian Kitchen Knife set is perfect for any chef that prepares Asian cuisine, or likes this style of knife to prep with. The Mercer 7" Santoku Knife slices and dices like a true Japanese Warrior! The Usuba Nakiri knife's rectangular blade is perfect for slicing vegetables without hard seeds.

Product Features

  • High Carbon, German Stain-Free Steel, Double Edge Blade, that will hold it's value for years to come.
  • 7" Santoku Knife (18cm)
  • 7" Nakiri Knife (18cm)
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Wood Stamped Handle - has the look of wood with the comfort and safety provided by a Santoprene, No-Slip Grip.
  • Age Restricted product 18+