Mercer Whetstone Dual Grit 1000-3000

Product Description

Keep your knives at perfect cutting sharpness with this Mercer Combination Whetstone. The combination natural corundum construction is designed for basic sharpening needs of steel blades. Use the medium fine grit side of the knife sharpening stone to perform normal, routine blade sharpening, and to do rough polishing.

This side will also remove fine scratches and burrs left by coarser stones. The fine grit will do your final blade edging and polishing. The silicone base holder will keep your combination whetstone in place, preventing damage to your work surface. The Mercer Knife Sharpening Stone will give you professional results quickly and easily. You will be able to confidently return to all your cutting chores with sharper, more efficient knife blades.

  • High grade, natural mineral corundum construction
  • Knife sharpening stone gives professional results
  • Silicone base holder for non-skid use and prevention of damage to work surfaces
  • For finishing sharpening needs
  • Combination grit levels for finer blade sharpness
  • Soak and lubricate combination whetstone with water
  •  #1000 - normal sharpening, removing fine scratches and burrs left by coarser stones, rough polishing
  • Fine grit side #3000 - final edging and general polishing
  • Mercer Knife Sharpening Stone - Dual Grits #1000 & #3000